Young Tritons Running Club gives boys the time to run free, play, and belong to a team that cares about each member. Whether your kiddos like to play traditional sports or find their passion behind a computer screen, Young Tritons is a safe place where each child is free to be uniquely themselves. Each Young Triton is encouraged to run at their own happy pace, regardless of their running experience. While Young Tritons empowers each Coach with an easy to use curriculum to help each child know they belong. 


In the US, a 2017 report identifies isolation among teenage boys is at a crisis level. Young Tritons curriculum provides you with all you need to use movement and games as a catalyst to show boys they matter and belong. Our mission is to inspire every boy to become emotionally and physically balanced through self-compassion, empathy, cooperation, a broadened definition of strength and discovering the finish line is just the beginning. 


Young Tritons Running Club curriculum is changing the lives of young men by shifting their internal experience and the way they interact with the world around them. With lots of games, movement, and small group interaction - boys see that they belong and have fun together while training to run a 5k race. 


When we began this journey of writing a boys program after years of success with our girls Mini Mermaid Running Club, we stayed true to the foundation on which MMRC sits: equity. We believe ALL people have the right to know their worth, value and ability to connect and impact their communities. We are honored to teach boys how to hear their unique voices and stand up for what they believe in. 

All of our curriculum is available to download for FREE, we want everyone to have access to our curriculum! 

YTRC guides users to provide movement as a catalyst for kids to identify their feelings, set goals, try new and maybe hard things and build resilence. 









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Curriculum 1

"We are a team"  teaches Young Tritons what it means to belong to a team. 


We are all connected.  We all rely on and support each other.  We are all a part of numerous communities.  We are family members, employees and employers, volunteers, and participants in all sorts of groups.  But to do so effectively requires many diverse skills. The children we raise are also parts of various communities and “teams.”  For Young Tritons to be their best we need to teach them explicitly how to be an effective team and community members. This begins by helping them recognize what it means to be a part of a team.  Download NOW

Curriculum 2

"Our Tribe - Belonging", teaches Young Tritons to feel connected in a world where it's becoming increasingly difficult to be so. 


We all long to be a part of something, to know we matter. Belonging is critical to human WELL being and we are hopeful the words and activities within this curriculum will help you help your Young Tritons know they belong. You are about to create your Young Triton tribe where everyone belongs. 


Oftentimes kids struggle with even the basics of their first “tribe” - their home. This first experience of belonging becomes the footprint for children as they grow and relate to others. Your Young Tritons will come from many backgrounds and have varied experiences with belonging.  While their connectedness to others and the world around them is a layered development - this curriculum is one way to instill in your Young Tritons a sense of belonging. 

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Curriculum 3

 "Building Resilience - You Can Do It!" teaches Young Tritons what it looks like to build resilience and be brave enough to try hard things. 


 We all struggle sometimes, but those who find the most success and the most emotional health have resilience, the ability to overcome challenges that might derail us otherwise. Whether academic, professional, personal, or social, we will all be met by seemingly impossible obstacles. Becoming resilient is what allows us to find appropriate and healthy ways to our goals regardless or even as a result of the obstacles. 


Kids often struggle the first few times they encounter difficulty. The support they get from others, the value of the goal, and its connection to them define how they will react. Simply put, our children need quality relationships and valuable goals with meaning to them. When these three elements are present, people develop resilience. 

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